1. How would you describe what you are doing (in connection with design, art and programming)?

2. Did you study this specialisation? If so, where?

3. Is anyone you know dealing with programming in art? Is he/she important/influential for you? If so, why?

4. Have you ever written a code and what was the main motivation to do it? Which language did you use and why?

5. In your opinion, is it necessary to become a programmer if the concept of the project requires writing a programme? What are your experiences?

6. Do you feel some restrictions/limits of software you are using and can you give me some examples of them? (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

7. If you are not a programmer, how do you collaborate with programmers? Does it influence your work in some specific way?

8. Are your projects published on the internet? If so, where? (URL)

9. Will it be important to exploit computers and programming knowledge in your future practice? Do you have any plans in relation to these issues?

10. Could you recommend some interesting 'links'?